JoBurg Airport Maddness!

After Sabi Sands, we had to make our 6 hour drive back to the JoBurg airport. As any person would be sometimes, complacency befell us. We had a flight to catch and sometime to kill. Based on the information given from the GPS and on Google maps, we assumed that we would have enough time to get there with multiple stops along the way! Well, sometimes we should not place to much faith in the devices that were created to make our lives easier…

Choose thy car wisely.

Our budget car got us far with our wallets, but not on the road! We had rented a manual car, which only 1 of the 4 of us could drive! She did not mind though, six hours is not that long a drive with redbull in one hand and coffee in the other! Of course, the front passenger had to keep the driver awake! So naturally I was sleeping in the back! We had our own music, but had no way of plugging in our devices to the car audio system. Fortunately, we had our own portable speakers, which proved very useful the whole trip!

Our drives were somewhat scary, due to our small stick shift, and car size. Every time there was a huge gush of wind blowing, as we drove over a bridge, it felt as though we were going to fly away! Over taking other vehicles was a rare occasion, especially when we could only do a maximum of 90km/hr whilst flooring the pedal! Not to mention, we had  a full car! So, it was definitely an experience trying not to anger all the other drivers on the road. I am not sure how we manage to go off road on the way into our game lodge. That sill surprises me.

Some Highways ARE really Highways.

What I mean by that is that, when you are on a highway, one cannot make the mistake of a wrong turn. Otherwise the trip will be push back 30mins at least! This was definitely the situation on the Johannesburg highways. It was dark, the road was wet and there was a storm brewing. However, the lightning show was spectacular, every time one showed itself off, the car went into a synchronised awe! We were constantly overtaken by numerous cars. Although we felt slow and got constantly ‘high beamed’ by other vehicles, we were safe. Because as we were driving we saw one of the cars that over took us, in an accident! A really bad one as well. The road condition was not to be tempered with in our small car!

These rental car agencies will rip you off completely if one does not return the car with a full tank, so of course we had to return the car with a full tank. The only problem, was finding a close enough petrol station! We had detoured to pump petrol, 30min before our flight. Not only did we almost turn on the wrong side of the road, but we almost got mugged! JoBurg city is one of the most dangerous places in the world. So, naturally beggars will be hanging out at gas stations to beg for money from people that own cars, and I think also to smell the fumes. A guy constantly tried to haggle us for money, we had to roll up our windows and pretend he doesn’t exist! We did not want him to scratch the rental car! And to make things worse, the petrol station attendant had to pump our tires because they were close to being flat! All this 30min before our flight.

Thoughts were flying through our heads, are we going to make it? Are we going to miss our flight? The car went silent and tense! We did not want to miss our flights, we could not. We had work the following day! In the end patience payed off! We drove into the carpark, dropped the car off, returned the GPS and rushed all the way to the gate with at least 20min to spare! This post does not do justice to the intensity of our experience, but it was really a fun experience!