Morning Illusions.

Sometimes the only reason why I wake up is food! The exquisite taste of your grandmothers’ toast, butter and eggs. The type of bread that is sold in every supermarket store, but you never know which one. For years my grandmother has made an amazing breakfast which I love to eat, and for years I did not question what type or where she got the bread from. But Why?

Perhaps it is to maintain the illusion of where it comes from. More often that not, people get bored of things when they completely comprehend or understand it. Sad? maybe not. Perhaps one may get bored from understanding something. But it creates an incentive for that person to move on to something newer and more exciting.

No doubt, if I eat this every single day, I would be bored to my bones. But some how I did not get bored of this. I continue to wake up everyday (besides for the fact that I am alive) and look forward to eating this every single day.

Thus, maybe if you do something, and keep doing it, and get bored of it, but still want to do it. Well, I believe that is a sign. A sign of passion, a sign of comfortability. Now, I am not saying I am going to make a career out of eating my grandmothers’ breakfast, but it definitely reveals something. It reveals simple complexity.