Flags of Singapore.

There is nothing better than coming back home. Back to Singapore. And of course, the first thing we should always do is eat! We ate at Jumbo Seafood at East Coast in Singapore! We had chilli crab and lobster noodles. Eating to our hearts desire! There is no place like home! – One thing that really struck me were all the ships and vessels juxtaposed behind the Singapore flags. A great image and representation of Singapore’s booming economy. Especially how we were able to become such a major success in 45 over years!

Some beautiful Singapore Flags by East Coast

Numerous Flags by East Coast in Singapore

A long row of beautiful Singapore Flags!

A lady stares up the flag with pride. Well, really, she was turning away from my camera lens.

Children play by the rocks that mark Singapore’s East Coast sandy beach!

Vessels float about in the East Coast waters.

The sun sets, but the wind blows strongly, lifting up the Singapore flag and its spirit.

People gather around to enjoy the cool night breeze and eat some chilli crab!