beauty is appreciating.

Sometimes beauty is not about looking pretty or having the most ‘in fashion’ materialistic item. It is not so much about showing off or showing up others. Realising beauty is similar to realising opportunities. One must appreciate it when they take the moments to capture it.

Whilst I was eating my dinner, I couldn’t help but notice a young girl playing with a ‘fan-toy‘ by the trash cart. It was noting much nor anything exciting. Neither was the moment wonderful or spectacular in anyway. But just looking at the child playing with her toy made me realise how unpolluted the mind of a child is. No worries, no issues, no financial problems. This was of course in Singapore. Socio-economic debates aside, it was nice to see a child completely amused with a simple fan toy.

The child was very much amused by the soft spinning blades on the toy. She did not care that she was standing next to a trash cart. Her parents were nowhere in sight and were probably eating their dinner, whilst looking out for her. But look at her focus, her concentration and immersion into that minute object that is a product of our consumerism society.

Appreciate her beauty.

Appreciate her beauty as she attempts to place the soft blades on her face. What is going thru here cognitive perception? -Is she asking why an object that is moving so fast does not hurt when she presses it against her check? Or that why these soft blades do not hurt when her mother is constantly telling her not to touch larger size fans? To us, it is logical and a sensible concept. But try imagining to rid yourself of concepts altogether. Can you fathom the thirst of knowledge that a child has?