trust may be the underlying demise for social entrepreneurs.

Social Entrepreneurs operating non-monetary social enterprises may find obstacles gaining their clients’ trust. Lokesh Kuma Singh reveals his experience that not everyone is a social entrepreneur. His dairy social enterprise, encounters trust issues between his organisation and clients. He has to find a balance by ensuring that the animal he sells are healthy and inexpensive. Furthermore, going to the extent of exchanging for a new animal if it does not provide the sustainable returns it should.¬†

A Diary Fetish

Samridhi Agri Products provides dairy procurement to people living below the poverty line. Particularly to women. Their market areas consists of Milk Production and Marginal Farming. A simple process of leasing out animals that can produce income for poverty stricken households. A simple innovation that requires sustaining the animal. For example, a goat must be looked after by the client or the receiver to maintain their income stream. Perhaps when the animal is old they may use it for meat, however, in the meantime they can supply milk to their local villagers at a reasonable rate.

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