Ro7 – Rule Of Seven.

Three months before my trip begins! One thing (whether good or bad) about me is that I need a reason to do many of the things in my life, call it the rational consumer or just being an economist, objectives are always needed. Going aimlessly will lead you no where. However, going with too many stringent rules will also cause you to limit your learning. 

As I embark to pack my Open Mind, I sat down to set out some objectives for each destination that I travel to. This will allow me to travel alittle more objectively and with purpose. You really do not want to be aimlessly wandering the streets of another country.

The Rule of Seven.

7 Objectives – 2 Tiered.

Tier 1 – Consists of 3 objectives that will be similar to every country that I go to.

  1. Try Local Food and Local Beverages
  2. Document/Interview 1 Social Innovation and 1 Social Entrepreneur
  3. Do an Economic Analysis of the place travelling;
    1. Read up and share economic articles regarding place of interest (at least 5 to 7 articles)
    2. 01 x Write up pre-trip
    3. 01 x Write up post-trip

Tier 2 –  Consists of 4 objectives that are tourist relevant

As part of my learning other cultures, I will need to have fun and interact! Hence these objectives will be associated with site seeing and activities that are relevant to the place I am going to!

Keep it Simple.

Keeping your motives and objectives simple is good so that you will not fall behind. Trying to be everything to everyone is not the way to go. Yes, I have a blog, I want to share my experiences with the world and my peers, but my main objective is documenting my destinations for my own development. I am keen to shape and mould my mind whilst I am still young before I become a career drone! Keeping it simple helps me to NOT to get ahead of myself and ensure that my goals are easy to reiterate to others.